Monday, January 24, 2011

LOTD: Brooklyn without limits

If you get my title reference, I love you forever ♥

Wore this last week. It's a simple outfit, but I absolutely love the jeans. They fit lovely and are super comfy! I feel like Liz Lemon in that one episode :3
Top: Bought at some boutique
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Aldo

So on another note, I started my job as a teacher's aide today :3 Basically, I help take care of two-year-olds~ It's pretty fun for the most part, plus the hours fit perfectly into my school schedule.

Nothing else interesting enough to blog about so here are pictures of foods I ate recently :3

Chinese chicken salad & pea soup at CPK with Steph ♥

Mandu soup at Jun Cafe

Hakata ramen with Steph ♥

Jjajangmyun~! So good ^o^

Zero calorie soda with collagen :3

Strawberry Melona~

Homemade acai bowl :3

Yaay food posts~ Thanks for reading ♥


  1. janiii youre so cute! and so skinny! and omgggg all those food looks good ;_____; especially that homemade acai *3*

  2. mmm strawberry melona~ there's nothing wrong with a little food spam XD

  3. you're so skinny!!! I realized this when I saw you at Doraku haha Hope you'll come to Tokyo again so we can eat together :3

  4. you eat a lot and you still have a great skinny body!

  5. yum!! recently I've been in love with yuzu drinks^^ what's in that acai bowl?? :3

  6. yum!!!!! i like your pants and you so so very pretty

  7. Very nice simple outfit!! :3 And that food looks amazing... *__*

  8. You are soo cute!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

  9. Strawberry Melona must be good.

  10. All that food looks soo good!!! I`ve never had strawberry Melona... looks like a must try <3

  11. Your are so cute! I love your outfit.
    And the food look so delicious, I like Melona!

  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! ^o^ Strawberry melona is definitely the best flavor, I highly recommend you to try it ♥
    @Nana: The acai bowl has organic acai sorbet, lowfat granola, apple banana, & organic honey ♥

  13. Yummy yummy delicious foods *_____*
    Love your outfit!