Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Weekend~

I am a week late with these photos (such a bad blogger, I know orz).  Well, last Saturday was my 21st birthday.  I honestly didn't think I'd feel any different going from 20 to 21, but I have to admit it's nice to not have to worry about getting kicked out of places for being too young ^o^

On Friday, I met up with Steph, Monica, Kaire, & Lauren for dinner at Doraku~
Delicious sushi is delicious ♥

We had to take pictures quickly before everyone started attacking the food >w<

Espresso Martini ♥ Sooo good~

Kaire & me ♥ Taken with Steph's awesome instant camera~ We took more pictures but idk who has them ¯\('~`;)/¯

After a couple hours, we walked over to Gyukaku for more foods (eating two times in one night, ftw~)
Waikiki apples ♥

Kaire and I shared a bibimbap, but I ate it too fast and forgot to take pictures :x

On Saturday, my boyfriend took me to Ala Moana to look for a new outfit for the evening. He bought me this super cute maxi dress from Spiral Girl~
I've always wanted one and I finally have it ^o^~

For my birthday dinner, we went to Inaba for yummy soba ♥
So delicious! It is now one of my favorite restaurants :3

I had my birthday party at Apartment 3~ We had two booths for my closest friends. I didn't want to do anything too crazy, just sit and drink with good company in chic atmosphere ^^

Their drinks are so amazing ♥ This one is acai, blueberry, & organic agave

I had such a blast~ The best part was getting to celebrate with the people I love ♥


  1. Happy belated birthday.
    Love the dress.
    I hope you have a good year!

  2. Happy Late Birthdayy ((:
    The Dress looks Gorgeous on you ,
    &; the Food Looks so Yummy Aha -

  3. I love the dress! ^O^ And the drinks look delicious *O*

  4. yum! the cocktails look really good <3 I loved the drinks in hawaii^^

  5. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you, everyone!! ♥ The drinks and food were so good, I want to go back soon~

  7. I love your tumblr + blog. We added you on our links page at

    Take care!