Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LOTD + sushi~

Tuesday's outfit ♥
Top: YesStyle
Skirt: Spiral Girl
Shoes: Aldo

I wore this to school and later in the day to a dive bar with my boyfriend and his friends.  Now that I can finally drink legally, they made me a part of their weekly drinking crew :P I'm honored, but at the same time, I'm worried about gaining weight from increased beer consumption ;A; I guess this means more time at the gym for me~

After a few drinks, we headed over to Genki sushi for dinner.  I have mixed feelings about that restaurant as I have heard many stories of people getting mercury poisoning after eating there.  Regardless, it was good enough for a quick sushi fix. My friend mentioned their spicy bomb, which is basically spicy tuna in inari. It was pretty delicious!

I will try and do more of these short outfit posts in the future! Thanks for reading ♥


  1. OMG Akane you are so skinny I want your legs! You must've been the cutest girl at school ♥ Yes do more outfit posts, I love your style!

  2. D'aww thanks Emy! That means so much coming from someone as pretty as you ^o^ ♥

  3. Awww, you are way too cute!! And your shoes are absolute love. ♥ ♥

  4. Simple but cute! I love your tights. Or are they knee high socks? (and wow, your pumps look super high :O)

  5. cute outfit! loving the shoes and thigh high socks (Y) hahaha beer, apparently is good for ur brain? or helps u not get alzheimers.. dont know, heard that somewhere. lol

  6. Cute outfit! ^^ I love the top and socks <3

  7. OMG , Akane you're so skinny . I want to be one day , too ;-; And you're style *--*

  8. @Tricia: Thanks sweetie ^o^ Coming from a Diamond, that means a lot ♥
    @Amy: They are thigh-high socks! I bought them in Japan :D And the higher the better, right? ;3
    @Becky: Haha, I hope so! I heard it has the same health benefits as wine, but in moderation
    @Sancty: Thanks doll :3 ♥
    @Bear: Aww I am sure you are gorgeous ^o^ You are so sweet!

  9. Hi there I was surfing blogspot & saw that you go to UH Manoa.. so you`re in Hawaii =D Which is where I am from before I moved to Okinawa =) Very cute blog!! I`m not a big fan of Genki but I always liked KuruKuru sushi across from Pearl Ridge Mall!!

  10. awww that outfit is super cute! and those long knee high socks? sooo adorable! <3