Monday, February 7, 2011


I rather like this look, mostly for the top :3 Wore this to school last week~
Top: Spiral Girl
Skirt: Spiral Girl

Yesterday was a lot of fun~ Watched the Superbowl with a couple of friends and ate homemade korean food ♥ I was really anti-social most of the weekend though :< Didn't go to the Punahou carnival because I didn't want to fight through crowds. Now I'm sad because I missed out on malasadas and teri burgers ;; I also chose to stay in on First Friday because I was really tired even though I knew I would have had a fun time at Ka with everyone. Blah, well at least I feel well rested today :3

Last week, my boyfriend and I finally tried Ireh restaurant. It's super cute and the food is excellent! The interior makes it feel like you're in a K-drama >w<

Topokki ♥

My chicken jook~ So good!

Patbingsu for dessert ♥ Just like heaven~

Also, I just found out that my blog is on page one of the Tumblr directory for "Cute" ^o^ Thank you very much to everyone who recommended ♥ It really means a lot to me!

Now going to watch the GSL team leagues and attempt to finish my finance homework~ Thanks for reading ^o^


  1. i don't eat a lot of korean food sadly. it looks amazing though, especially that patbingsu! :O

  2. Wah, your legs are to fair perfect!
    That chicken jook looks yummy! I want some now =D

  3. What a lovely Sprial Girl outfit! You look amazing as always Akane!

    Wow that patbingsu looks so delicious as well! *jealous*

  4. Hmmmm super good dessert! I love this look you got style.

  5. Thank you so much everyone!! I love food so much >w< especially korean food~