Sunday, February 13, 2011

LOTD: Almost Spring

Hello hello~ I wore this outfit to school on Friday. The dress is super cute, but I don't like wearing anything strapless so I paired it with a knit top ♥

Dress: Theme

Just a simple, easy outfit ♥ I'll have to shop around for a nice hair accessory to wear with it :3

My boyfriend and I exchanged Valentine's day presents a little early this year :3 He got me a Kinect and Dance Central ^o^~ It's so much fun!  For his present, I bought him a gaming mouse for Starcraft ♥ Speaking of which, we finally hopped on the 2v2 ladder today~ We're in gold right now, but hopefully will rank up to platinum soon ;w;

Okay well, we're going to Starbucks for a study session right now :3 Thanks for reading ♥


  1. Aww, happy Valentine's Day! I love the knit top with your dress. I don't like wearing strapless dresses much either :/

  2. sooo cute! great pairing with the top dear. I always did like your style .)

  3. why are you so cute?! that's such a pure-like dress. i need one of those haha
    and that's thoughtful of him to get you that kinect set. i always wanted to try it ><

  4. @Susalie: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! ♥ Yeah, strapless dresses are cute and all, but they don't look good on me >w<
    @Ryusen: Thanks Z!
    @Ai: I wanna see you in a girly dress~ I'm so used to your rock look ♥ Ahh you have to try Kinect! I wish you were still here so we could play together :D and Rock Band!!

  5. I love the white shrug! *O* Pretty~

    Happy Valentines day! ^O^

  6. You're always so beautiful. THE DRESS IS REAL!

  7. cute dress dear!<3

  8. Your outfit is LOVELY! Super chic and simple! It seems like you and your bf had a good valentines day! Im so behind in my blogging for vday, I still haven't blogged about it yet hahaha

    P.s you're so pretty!!!!