Monday, December 20, 2010


On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to his dad's house for an early Christmas party.  I finally got to meet their new puppy! ♥ Everyone, meet Hachi!
Cutest puppy ever!  He is named after Shibuya's famous loyal dog, Hachiko.  Half pomeranian, half Japanese spitz ♥

Here is a video~ Please excuse my puppy-talk voice ;____;

The funny thing is my friends have the exact same breed puppy as well!  His name is Tama ♥

I am going to steal one of them, I swear~!  Ahh, I can't wait till my boyfriend and I move to a pet-friendly place ♥


  1. aww he's so fluffy and cute! i love pure white puppies ><

  2. what an adorable dog!! never seen a white one like that :D

  3. Have you ever just thought of sneaking a dog into the place you live at now? I know everyone in Hong Kong does that but Idk what will happen if you get caught >_<

  4. Thank you everyone! ♥

    @Steph: Nahh, my boyfriend and I have a great relationship with the land owners and I'd rather not mess that up. Plus, the dog will probably bark so it'd be hard to keep a secret :< I really want a hamster or something though! (if they weren't illegal ;;)

  5. Cutest puppy I've ever seen ;o;

  6. your dog its so cuteeee!!!! you too :)
    happy christmas

  7. The dog is so lovely :)
    I hope you will visit my blog :D

  8. wahhh~ what a cute puppy!! I watched the movie hachiko and it was so cute and happy and sad that I started crying and the worse part was that I was at my nail salon so I had to hold back my tears! lol

  9. New reader! :)
    Aw, the dog's so cute. Is he a barker? :p
    Wonder if it be possible to find that breed..looking to get a dog possibly.
    Anyways, love your blog. Followed you on tumblr. ^^

  10. That's so sweet! I wish my future boyfriend would love my Pammy but if in case he doesn't, then he is totally free to leave.

    Nicole, expert about pomeranian dog

  11. OMG I HAVE THE EXACT SAME DOG AS YOU! AND I NAMED IT POCHI! omg... this is scary. lol