Friday, December 10, 2010

カラオケ ♥

Went to Toma's for karaoke today with interchange students & friends~
So much fun ♥ I sang my usual "Planetarium" by Otsuka Ai~

For some reason, they wanted me to sing California Girls 'w'? Unfortunately, it wasn't available here :<

I am going to miss them when they have to return to Kobe ;__; They are so nice!

Afterwards, I came home & cooked my bf portuguese sausage saimin since he requested it :3 Now going to spend the rest of the night watching Starcraft replays and studying(?)


  1. I heard that Tomas update their Japanese songs often :3 I haven't been there yet though~ is it expensive? And planetarium is a pretty song to sing along to ~~ ^^

  2. No it's pretty cheap actually :3 $11 each for 6 people in a big room for 3 hours.

    Yeah, their Japanese songs are updated more than the English XD