Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I haven't been doing anything too interesting lately because of finals, so I'll just post some bento I made before ^o^

Garlic grilled steak, bacon-wrapped asparagus, onigiri, takuan

Pork hamburger steak katsu, salmon katsu, arabiki octopuses, shoyu tamago, potato salad, wakame rice

Panda-shaped nigiri, shoyu chicken, kamaboko stars, takuan, broccoli

Penguin nigiri, beef stew, corn, carrots, broccoli

Hello Kitty & bear nigiri, cheese omelette, portuguese sausage, broccoli

Bunny & hearts nigiri, kabocha pork, & edamame

Gyudon, ginger, & egg

Shoyu pork, hamburger jun, nigiri


  1. Woah, you made those?? They're really cute!! And they look delicious too! ^__^ I love the panda one. ♥

  2. hi new blogspot friend! :) OMG OISHISOUUU NE! tabetainaaaaa~! i wish i could make stuff like this :(

  3. i'm a new follower and i wanted to say your blog looks so cute ^^
    the bento are very creative and adorable~
    good luck with finals! i can't wait to finish, my last one is tomorrow ><'

  4. Wow! ^O^ They all look amazing *O* Making me hungry! :O

  5. Your bentos look delicious! You should post recipes :)

  6. Thank you everyone! Your comments are so positive and encouraging ^///^ ♥

  7. They all look so yummy! I wish I had the time to make bentos :3

  8. hiiii alane~ i've been following your tumblr for a while and just came across your cute blog!!

  9. Yummmmm!! you will definetly be a great wife! hehehe im quite bad at cooking T_T

  10. hello! <3 all of those meals look very cute, they must be very tasty too. aww, you made me hungry! XD
    i'll follow you, hope you don't mind? :3

  11. janiiiiiii your bentos are almost as cute as you :3 you are so puro~ you should make tutorial on how to make your kawaii bentos~~~

  12. Noway, did you make those?? They look amazing!! Too cute to eat hehe! xX

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  15. kyaaa...your panda onigiri version is super super cuuuute ^^ If I made those I don't think I will eat it >.<~~~ it's just too cute

  16. Mmmm....all the food looks so good!! Cute blog! ^_^

  17. gnammmm.....very Good!!!...oishi!!!!