Saturday, March 31, 2012

A.C. Care - Korean Skin Care Line with Bee Venom

It's been over a year since my last blog post o(╥﹏╥)o Forgive my lack of updates orz.. I'll try to be better about blogging from now on ;w;

My korean mom is always trying to find new products to help my skin.  I don't have a lot of acne, but my skin is far from perfect by korean standards.  Before this, I was using Shiseido for quite sometime and, although it cleared up most of my skin, I still had bumps in my T-zone and on my cheeks near my nose.  My mom then heard about this A.C. Care line which is supposed to target my specific problems.
A.C. Care is a skin care line with the signature ingredient, bee venom.  It is made in Korea and is strongly gaining popularity in Japan.
The skincare routine consists of six steps:
  1. Bee's Foam Cleanser - Clears away keratin (dead skin cell) build-up, waste materials, as well as excess sebum which causes pore blockage.
  2. Bee's Pure Skin - Astringent-type toner with bee venom improves skin's innate defense mechanism and provides relief for skin trouble.
  3. Water Essence - Includes natural ingredients like royal jelly, tea tree extracts, and bee venom to penetrate pores and alleviate the root cause of skin trouble.
  4. Bee's Cure Serum - Oil-free serum applies directly to troubled spots to heal and prevent future breakouts.
  5. Bee's Moist Lotion - This nutritive lotion functions to form a protective layer with bee venom.
  6. Bee's Shield B.B. Cream - This multifunctional B.B. cream acts as SPF 35 sunscreen, UV protection, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and foundation, all in one!
**There is also a deep repair cream, but the store was sold out :<

I am absolutely in love with the Water Essence mist and the B.B. cream~!  The Water Essence feels so refreshing and can even be applied to areas other than your face for added healing :3
I've only started using A.C. Care, but I hope to see similar results with my experience!


  1. oh I wonder if it will make its way to Philadelphia

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  3. I cant wait to see results on you! :) Will believe it once I see it! Followed you for your updates on this ;)

    The Misty Mom

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