Saturday, March 12, 2011

LOTD: Hearts

Hello everyone~ I haven't updated this in a month ;; Midterms have been killing me.  Fortunately, spring break is next week so I should have more time to blog ^o^

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who prayed and expressed their concern for my family and me while Hawaii was under the tsunami warning.  All of my family and friends are safe, both here and in Japan.  However, thousands of people are still suffering in Japan.  If you haven't already, I'd like to kindly ask you please donate to a reputable relief fund.  Any amount, large or small, will help so please do your part ♥

Onto the lotd~ I wore this outfit earlier this week to school ♥ I am in absolute love with the stockings~ Trying to think of some better coordinates to wear them with, but this is what I've thrown together for now. I'm open to any of your style suggestions!~
Top: Codi Club
Skirt: Spiral Girl
Stockings: Aldo
Shoes: Aldo

Haven't posted any new nail art pictures, so here are my current nails at the moment ♥
I layered China Glaze Crackle polish in black over two coats of light pink polish and silver glitter.  At first, the black crackle looked a tad dull, but that was easily fixed with a layer of super shiny top coat ^o^


  1. The crackle nail polish looks great! My sister has been wanting to get it and now I think I do too. XD

    Also love the stockings, and I'm glad to know that you and yours are safe ♥

  2. It is devastating to hear new news about japan >< Hopefully the aftershocks will stop soon ><

    Those stockings are adorable janii~~! >w< and I want to buy the crackle polish *~* Looks so cool~~

  3. jani you're so cute and so skinny *o* i love the outfit especially the tights~
    i'm glad your family is ok! i hope everyone is safe in japan and everywhere else in the world that is suffering from other tragic events ><

  4. Cute outfit! Love! ^^

    I pray for Japan and the rest of the world. It happens, but still so tragic to see ~

  5. hi!!!
    I love your look!! it is cute!! ^^

    [ I pray for Japan!!!! ]


  6. Aww!!! that cute:P love it!!:) btw, pls follow me back eya.^^

  7. Love the outfit... esp the stalkings!!

  8. very much I like your nails I am inviting to myself !:)

  9. STOCKINGS!!! I really love it too :))the nails are very nice but I have no idea how to do it... i'm planning to learn it :D

    I hope your family's safe too


  10. love your tights, the nails look great =) and your outfit fits on you!

  11. Love those stockings. Really cute~

  12. The stockings are to die for :)

  13. hi! your outfit whit hearts are super cute.
    i was reading your older posts too about food ^^
    you got awesome blog!

  14. oooh cute stockingss!! <33 ;D


  15. Hi! You live in Japan?? I blog about current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it. So plz check it out! ThanX!

  16. so amasing stockingss <3
    what do you use as a fix?